Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Had A Blast And Finally Caught A Keeper

The surf was real rough and messing up the bays so I went out on the jetty and found where they were biting. Just before I caught this one I hung a bigger trout but he got between the rocks and trying to get to him I ended up flat on the rock. The big ones always get away, that's how they get so big. This dude here was a keeper and made me forget all about the one that got away.
On the Shrimporee report it was a good time with good food and good music. I found one booth that was right up my alley and the partners who ran the booth were interested in checking out some of my images. So look out you might see my stuff on plates, bags, cutting boards, trays, flags, coozies, magnets and the list doesn't stop........They were good people and seem like a very well established company with emphasis on high quality imaging and materials. I hope I become their 23rd artist they represent. nudge, nudge, wink, wink............RWjr

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