Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Won't Forget

I wanted to take a moment to share with you the story about this fish titled, Follow Your Own Light, it's story is one I will not forget.

I listed the fish on ebay and it was won by an ebayer. Soon after, I received an email about a little boy who was very upset that he didn't win the fish for his room. It warmed my heart to know that my fish was so adored by him and his mother, not to mention the fact that he was going to decorate his room around the piece. After a couple very nice emails with his mother, she commissioned me to recreate the fish so he could have his own piece( with a little something hidden that only he will know about) and it will be his special fish for him ;)

A couple days after I shipped out the fish that was won on ebay, I received an email from the gentleman who won the piece. The following is the email he sent to me:

Dear close2art,
"Hi. I got the fish in good order.I really like it , as do my sons. My wife literally died in my arms here at home yesterday (cancer). After things settled down i opened my mail and there was the fish telling me to follow my own light. So, everyday now I will see it and it will remind me that life is short and i should follow my heart and do whatevr i want.Thanks for the fish. I'm glad to have it." Don

This is one fish I will never forget, it has helped light the way for inspiration and I hope it will do the same for you...RWJR

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