Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Cry Over Spilled INK ~ I wish it had been milk, LOL

This little piece cost me a lot to make not because of the size or anything like that, more because of the two ounces of 'buff proof ink' that spilled out of my mop and all over my couch and tan living room carpet. So I've was up from midnight to about five this morning scrubbing carpets and without any success trying to buff out my couch(ruined it). I pulled this ink drenched 300g sheep of paper back out of the trash and decided that it wasn't going to waste after all the damage it was involved in. I didn't check the top of the mop before I went to use it and the nib was in the cap, splash, a simple overlooked thing caused a mess. We just paid off that couch after six years of paying on it and wait a minute....I almost forgot what I learned... So needless to say I couldn't save either the couch or carpet so I decided something positive had to come out of this mess of painting and I put the exact words I was feeling at the time...SPILT that's how this piece was made, sometimes there's more than just what you see, there's the history behind it. In this case about four thousand dollars worth of damage, I'm going to have to sell a $hit load of prints to make back my investment in this one. I was told once to try and at least sell your art for at least three times what you have invested in it...Good Times ;)...RWJR

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