Saturday, January 31, 2009

Got To Go Fishing

Speckles ~ 16" x 20" Mixed Media ~ Canvas Panel
One of my favorite things to do if I'm not painting is fishing. I've got a couple little lakes around here I like to fish (west TN) and the Buffalo river in middle Tennessee. We catch lots of small mouth in the Buffalo, big ones too (3-6lbs) and they get bigger than that. But the real deal as you all know is in the bays and along the coast. I'm talking about these mean little devils called Speckled Trout. These dudes for their size put up an awesome fight and if you get a hold of a six or seven pounder you've got your hands full. I know Redfish are the main target usually but if the Redfish are'nt biting and you're lucky enough to get into a school of Speckled Trout you'll forget all about the Reds for a while...I'm starting to get that fishing fever!!!!!

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